SMS Flood Alert

Now you can get an immediate flood alert warning via SMS message to your mobile phone with the iSocket GSM707 SMS Power Socket and Water Sensor attachment.

Simply connect the water sensor to the input socket of the iSocket SMS Power Socket and you can configure the iSocket to send you a text message when the sensor is activated by the presence of water.

this turns the iSocket GSM Power Switch into a powerful yet cost effective and easy to install SMS Flood Alert system that can be installed within minutes and is cheap to run because all you need for the iSocket to communicate with the mobile network is a normal GSM mobile phone SIM card and there are plenty of low cost GSM tariffs available for only a few pounds per month.

As well as providing a GSM Flood warning solution when combined with the iSocket Water sensor, this intelligent GSM Power Switch includes a built-in thermostat so can also warn you about high or low temperatures as well as automatically switch on or off the power to connected devices so you could use the SMS Power Switch to remotely control heating or cooling appliances.

The iSocket SMS Power Socket can be used for residential or business applications and the range of applications is huge.  There is a growing demand for these types of devices for home care and elderly care environments and can advise carers about extreme temperatures or flooding or even just about an overflowing bath or sink.

If you need an immediate warning about the presence of water in any location that can be serviced by a simple plug in device then the iSocket and Water Sensor are the ideal choice for a rapid deployment mobile flood warning alert.