iSocket Applications

Examples of use iSocket

The Smart house concept has become very popular. GSM control is most suitable for people with summer cottages. Do you wish to control the heating via GSM remote control? Or perhaps your air conditioning? Perhaps you want to control the switching of your lights remotely – on/off etc. Most of the systems available today are too complicated, but iSocket is very simple to use!

Remote reboot – no problem! You can use iSocket as a remote server or to reboot your PC remotely. Control your computer with your mobile phone. Start your PC or reboot your PC.

What about a remote security system with GSM alarm and monitor system? SMS monitoring and alarms when there is movement inside your home. You can also use iSocket as a radio-guard – remote listening-in of rooms during your absence.

Below we list some applications for iSocket’s GSM control. Only your imagination and technical parameters of the device limit the applications for the product.

Where to use iSocket
3in1: GSM control, GSM Alarm, Temperature Monitoring


The following are some more common options where iSocket GSM 707 can be used:

  • GSM remote control for heating systems & air conditioning
  • Home automation – remote appliance control
  • Simple remote security system: gsm monitor, gsm alarm
  • Remote light control: turn on remote, turn off remote
  • Wireless power switch: remote power on off
  • Remote on/off reboot: remote server, PC reboot, remote power reboot
  • Remote power management: remote AC control, remote on off control, power control switch
  • Power failure notification for remote area
  • Control computer by mobile: start PC remotely, remote PC boot
  • Start lawn irrigation equipment by SMS or phone call
  • GSM home alarm: sms monitoring, sms alarms, alert in the event of a break-in
  • Radio-guard – remote sound monitoring of a room in your absence
  • GSM water leakage detection system