iSocket GSM707UK SMS Power Switch

Why is iSocket SMS Power Switch the best choice?

In fact, there are not that many similar products on the market. You might find a few products originally from low-price countries with inferior design, poor software and terrible back-up support. We are proud to claim that we are the best.


Why is iSocket Smart Power Socket the best?


  • European manufacture.
  • 100% tested product. This is our promise!
  • Professional iSocket Smart Software with many unique features not available in other devices.
  • User-friendly software vs. unintelligible code characters (e.g. #482#395#).
  • Additional applications for easier management! (e.g. iSocket Manager SMS apps for Android & iPhone).
  • High quality, detailed documentation (e.g. User Manual for Smart Socket).
  • E-mail support from the manufacturer.
  • Availability of genuine accessories (e.g. sensors).
  • Competitive prices for a cutting edge product.

Buying iSocket assures you of quality and solid back-up support.

Why is iSocket the best GSM control system?


  • There is no need to install complicated GSM remote controlled systems. Just plug iSocket into your wall socket. No special skills are required.
  • Easy to use software. You do not need any complicated commands to set up the device.
  • iSocket is a universal solution. It does not require other special devices. You can connect almost any device to iSocket if it has a connector.
  • It is a mobile solution. You can take iSocket with you anywhere. It is not permanently connected.
  • It is full of extra features! E.g. a GSM home alarm. This is not a complex GSM security system – all you do is connect sensors and it will work as a remote security system with an SMS alarm.
  • Another extra feature is temperature monitoring.
  • Attractive design.
  • Inexpensive solution.
  • We do not charge any mobile or other subscriptions. You can use any SIM cards, including prepaid cards. Just buy and use!


Briefly, what are the main features of iSocket?


  • Remote power on/off.
  • Remote reboot.
  • Remote temperature control.
  • Thermostat.
  • GSM remote security system features.
  • SMS alarms.
  • Input for sensors.
  • Second relay for low voltage equipment.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Scheduling (activate functions in accordance with pre-scheduled times).
  • Power off alarm, power restored notification.
  • Three security levels (password, by numbers, limited config window).
  • 4 bands: 850MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 1900MHz.